In today’s episode the contestants had to present a perfect image of a night out with flat shoes.

The player who impressed the judges, and received 4 points from Evelyn Kazantzoglou, was Dimitra Zaf. with 11.5. Only 0.1 point separated it from second place Casablanca.

Fotini found Nikolina’s appearance confusing and the contestant replied that she just wanted to ace her.

“I feel like I can’t live up to the competition. I think you don’t like me. I don’t think I have a place here,” Bea confessed in tears, with Stelios Koudounaris asking to explain what she meant.

“I want you to outdo yourself, it’s a competition,” the judge replied.

Earlier there had been tension between Bee and Zeta because the latter did not like Bee’s sneakers and wanted another flat shoe.

Katerina Karavatou commented on Dominica’s score to Dimitra B. “If you had put 1… Somewhere oops”.

Stelios Koudounaris told Dominiki that her image was not competitive and that they have nothing to discuss.

Zeta shortly before the end felt unwell and left the set.

See the catwalk of the judges and the presenter:

See the runway of the contestants: