Widow of Gal Costa goes viral on social media after interview on Globo: ‘Envy for being beautiful’


The interview with Wilma Petrillo, believed to be the widow of Gal Costa (1945-2022), with Globo’s Fantástico, went viral on social media. The conversation was shown on Sunday (31) and dealt with the dispute between her and the singer’s only son, Gabriel da Costa, who asked for his mother’s body to be exhumed to “make sure” that she died of cardiac arrest, as her certificate attested. of death.

One excerpt in particular was successful on X (formerly Twitter). Called a “mercenary” and “liar” by Gabriel, Wilma was asked why she was the target of distrust from Gal’s son and other people, and said that it was all about people’s envy. “I think Wilma Petrillo is an extremely wonderful person, you know?” she said, speaking about herself in the third person.

Soon after, she stated that, since she was young, she suffered prejudice for being the prettiest in her school class. “I’ve had this envy thing for many years, because as I was the most beautiful in the class, the girls hated me. Does it exist, do you think it doesn’t exist? It’s difficult to be prettier than others. It’s envy for being beautiful”, he stated.

Gal’s son reacted. “She even says that my mother was jealous of her. Gal Costa was jealous of Wilma Petrillo”, he commented.

The excerpt became a meme on social media. Wilma and Gabriel’s names were among the most talked about topics on X (formerly Twitter), while the businesswoman’s image went viral on Tik Tok, where Globo posted excerpts from the interview.

Check out the video:

Source: Folha

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