BBB 24: Beatriz provokes Giovana during Sincerão: ‘You are a plant that a gnome waters’


Alane, Beatriz, Giovanna and Pitel, the protagonists of the week, were invited by the dynamics to criticize one participant and defend another within a set time. In Sincerão this Monday (1st), the leader and the three teams had up to a minute and a half to defend and attack.

Lucas also participated in the monologue session because he was drawn. He had the chance to position himself after all the women expressed themselves, in alphabetical order.

There was a condition for the speeches. Participants should organize themselves so as not to repeat people among those defended and attacked. Beatriz was the one who said the harshest words of the dynamic after a day of peace in the house.

“You [Giovanna] It’s a plant that a gnome waters”, said the São Paulo native from Brás about the movements of the leader who put her on the wall. After Globo’s live broadcast ended, Bia tried to look for her opponent for a debate, but was ignored by the Minas Gerais native.

Alane defended Beatriz. “She is being a happy and happy person, which is what she is”, said the woman from Pará about her sister’s behavior.

Alane criticized Pitel. “I don’t think it’s right for her to find a situation to increase people’s mistakes”, commented the dancer about her opponent’s opinions regarding the number of production punishments she receives.

Beatriz defended Alane. “She always tries to improve her mistake,” said Bia. The São Paulo native’s speech made reference to the stakes lost by her friend throughout the season.

Beatriz criticized Giovanna. “I don’t want to resolve anything with you. For me, you’re a plant that a gnome waters. You don’t have a firm position,” said the sister.

Pitel defended Lucas. “It was a light for me here in the game”, said the woman from Alagoas. The sister praised the affection they showed during the edition.

Pitel criticized David. “It turned out to be contradictory. It highlighted the way I talk about Beatriz, as well as him, who was involved in all the confusion in the house”, said the social worker.

Giovanna defended MC Bin Laden. “A great person to lift us up,” said the Minas Gerais native about how she sees her ex-affair.

Giovanna criticized Beatriz. “It doesn’t bother me that you think I’m a plant. I do think that you want to take up other people’s space”, said the nutritionist to her opponent.

After the leader and the three couples finished participating in Sincerão, Tadeu Schmidt asked Giovanna to draw another person from the house. This was Lucas.

Lucas defended Pitel. “She doesn’t run away from what she feels, she’s not afraid of making mistakes and she speaks her mind. I think she’s an incredible person for me and for this country,” said the professor. He doesn’t know it yet, but the way he approached his sister caused the end of his marriage to Camila Moura.

Lucas criticized Alane. “You’ve already proven to us that you can hold your own when it comes to punishments. But, when you head the second ‘Tá com Nada’, you show that you don’t care about that”, said the teacher.

Source: Folha

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