BBB 24: Lucas wants to meet Camila again: ‘Opportunity to talk so we can continue in the best way possible’


Globo production warned Lucas about the end of his relationship during BBB 24. The brother was eliminated, with 64.69% of the votes, this Tuesday (9). Thaís Fersoza and Ed Gama informed Bate-Papo BBB viewers about the program’s decision.

Right at the beginning, Ed offered a space for the former participant to speak out about the case. Excited, the brother even said that the breakup was perhaps due to things that only Camila Moura, his ex-wife, had seen. But he pointed out that he respects the teacher’s feelings.

Then, he had the opportunity to watch part of the moments considered flirting by the public. The video had an effect and it seems that the capoeirista calculated the route of his speech.

“In the house, things are very different from what they seem. The house really affects our feelings, our emotions. We start to find some things that we thought were cool boring, and things that we thought were boring are cool”, said the former participant.

He also expressed his desire to meet Camila again, “inside us we miss many people who are important to us. So, I hope that we have the opportunity to talk, exchange ideas, so that we can continue in the best way possible, both for me and for her,” he said.

Lucas explained that he approached Pitel because of his musical taste, especially Emicida’s songs. “[Nós acabamos] saying things that we are thinking, but I always tried to maintain the limit of physical contact, respect, thinking that this was enough”, he said.

Experts interviewed by F5 They said they didn’t see the woman from Alagoas doing the same. Outside the house, Pitel made it clear that he had no intention of staying with the Rio native and only wanted his friendship.

Source: Folha

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