BBB 24: Puxadinhos like Davi, Lucas Buda and Isabelle were a good bet


Gustavo Luiz

BBB 24 had 20 leader races and half of them were won by brothers who came from “puxadinho”. This is how the strength of the group of eight people in the reality show is measured.

Before joining the program, Davi, Giovanna, Isabelle, Juninho, Lucas, Michel, Ráculo and Thalyta went through a popular vote that decided the first immune of the season.

Davi and Isabelle won the dispute with 60.22%. The other six pulls were chosen by popcorn poppers (anonymous) and boxes (celebrities) who were already in the house. They dispatched five fit white candidates before the first wall.

The decision displeased some people, like the blonde with light eyes Bárbara Heck, from BBB 22. At the time, the ex-sister seemed to feel represented by the aesthetic standard of those eliminated in the final selection.

With other bodies on display, the reality show achieved engagement rates similar to BBB 20 and BBB 21. The success of the season left the broadcaster and its sponsors satisfied.

Thinking about diversity and reviewing the accessibility of some dynamics as something capable of expanding the results of the reality show could be the most interesting legacy of the pull.

Just look at the various forms of entertainment and paradigm-breaking that the eight caused in the edition. Thalyta was the second eliminated. When fighting with Juninho, she made it clear that pull-ups don’t come together as easily as cabins.

Giovanna had her reasons for crying. Before injuring her foot in the first parties, she had the CV to reach the final. The fitness girl from Minas Gerais represented Cruzeiro in a football muses contest, clashed with boxes and kissed MC Bin Laden.

But he chose to play with Michel and Ráculo. The trio lacked movement, as they tried to abandon their inertia and teamed up with Rodriguinho, Pitel and Fernanda. Together, they delivered gossip and strategies to try to separate Davi from Isabelle, an emblematic relationship on BBB 24.

“Society is not prepared to see friendships between men and women,” he told F5 psychologist Noemi Machado about the union of the pulls with the most followers in the edition. Davi surpassed 8 million fans, while Isabelle has 3 million.

This is because some internet users saw a romantic interest between the two. The love and affection that brought Isabelle and Davi together have other characteristics. “You’re like my little brother”, said the manauara to her brother. The dancer’s participation, with assertive speeches about the state of Amazonas, led Globo to open negotiations to broadcast the Parintins Festival.

Davi and Isabelle hug during the top 8 party – Reproduction/Globoplay

In the final stretch of the game, with encouragement from other participants, the sister started flirting with the gaucho Matteus. While his friend’s romantic comedy unfolds, Davi lives his own journey. He is one of the favorites to win the reality show, but it wasn’t always like that, according to digital bookmakers.

The Bahian faced difficulties and had his mentors to teach him that saying “I’m a man” every five minutes is no longer appropriate on television. He moderated his speech, but continued to suffer from persecution similar to the daily lives of other black people outside of reality.

David got up and continued facing his opponents. If he is really the protagonist of BBB 24, a good guess for the villain is Lucas Buda.

Also from the pull, the capoeirista mobilized most of the cast, especially the boxes, against Davi, still in January.

The result of the confrontation was the elimination of all celebrities before the final, something unprecedented on BBB since they started to be part of the program.

Even outside the house, Lucas delivered drama. His love life collapsed. Camila, his ex-wife, filed for divorce after seeing her partner flirt with Pitel. He ended up eliminated this Tuesday (9).

From the loudest to the most discreet, all the performers contributed to a memorable edition.

Double registrations for BBB 25 indicate that the production will implement new features. May the legacy bear fruit. Otherwise, it would be wasting all the entertainment provided by this social experiment.

Source: Folha

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