BBB 24: In the final stretch of the reality show, Davi is the most searched for on Google, followed by Beatriz


Victoria Pereira

BBB 24 ends next Tuesday (16) and the final will be decided for the first time since 2020 without any member of the box on the podium (this edition had fewer celebrities in the cast compared to last year). During one month of the program, the group of celebrities led the ranking of the 15 most searched participants on Google Trends, but none of them remained in the house.

According to Google, from January 8th, the beginning of the reality show, until February 14th, three out of every four searches for participants’ names were by people in the box.

The popcorn poppers Leidy Elin, Matteus, Michel, Pitel and Ráculo, for example, did not even appear in this ranking because they had a low volume of search interest.

But in the final stretch of the program, the podium of the most searched on Google changed. Matteus, who hadn’t even entered this account, is now among the five finalists of the reality show.

The quintet formed by him, Alane, Beatriz, Davi and Isabelle are known as the “fairy” group. They even jumped into the pool naked (or almost naked) to celebrate 80 days of staying in the house.

According to Google, Davi stands out as the most searched for in this group. The searches cover the last seven days.

The brother led intrigues with other participants such as the singer Wanessa Camargo —expelled for attacking him— and the singer MC Bin Laden. The Bahian has already been elected one of the biggest villains in the reality show on Sincerão and also one of the most despicable.

Despite the disagreements, Davi is the favorite to win the program and is the most followed participant in the BBB edition, even in comparison to the boxes, except when compared to the influencer Vanessa Lopes.

He has 8.3 million followers on Instagram, while the influencer has 15 million on the platform.

Davi’s favoritism even bothered other participants. Fernanda revealed her anger at her brother’s success and suggested that he look for another job.

“It’s not possible that I came here just to clap for a clown” said Fernanda, in conversation with Giovanna Pitel. The sister recalled Davi’s speech on Sincerão, when the Bahian said that BBB is a “game of commitment” and that he commits to all of his speeches on the program. Outraged, she expressed her feelings with a line that outraged the web: “Go get a job as a security guard.”

Next, the merchant Beatriz appears, known for her expansive and clumsy manner, she has already received very serious punishments that harmed other brothers.

The last one was when she customized a bikini set made from banana peels. The sister lost 500 stakes and went to Tá Com Nada, when participants lose perks and spend their days with only basic items and foods.

Tadeu Schmidt had already caught his sister’s attention after she wore a top made from orange peels. The presenter warned about the risks of exposing oneself to the sun due to the fruit being citrus.

“We consulted a dermatologist and the orange could end up causing skin irritation, allergies, or even a burn. Then wash the skin well and keep it as a souvenir,” he said.

Alane from Pará occupies third place. She, who fought with Fernanda at the gym, after a charge from the pastry chef about the dancer’s speech at Sincerão. The discussion interrupted the atmosphere of peace and love that had been reigning at the beginning of the edition.

To complete the podium, in this order, are Matteus and Isabelle, who are Davi’s allies in the game. The house was rooting for them to be a couple.

Last Sunday (7), the supposed couple seems to have decided to take a further step in their relationship. The two went under the duvet and excited the viewers.


Source: Google Trends

  1. David

  2. Beatrice

  3. Alane

  4. Matthew

  5. Isabelle

Source: Folha

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