Daniel Alves makes his first posts after leaving prison


Two weeks after leaving prison, Daniel Alves made his first posts on social media. In the first of them, on the last Monday (8), he published the image of a setting sun.

The image in question has been closed to comments. The second photo was of a work of art. In both, he just put an exclamation mark as a caption. And he continued to veto comments.

Before that, a week after his release, Joana Sanz, his wife, published a photo on her Instagram profile in which she appeared holding hands. The post became a topic in the Spanish press. According to information from the newspaper “20minutos”, the model would have been pressured by the former player to publicize the gesture.

Daniel, who was granted provisional freedom on March 25, wanted a public position of support from Joana. Sentenced to four and a half years in prison for raping a woman in the bathroom of a nightclub in Barcelona at the end of 2022, he was eventually released after paying bail of one million euros, approximately R$5.5 million. The allowance is provided for in the conditions of provisional release stipulated by the Spanish Court.

According to the Fiesta program on TV channel Telecinco, the couple had met one weekend at his residence in Barcelona. Joana even declared in March last year that she would end her marriage with Daniel Alves, after the rape accusation. However, a few months later, the model resumed the relationship, stating that she would not leave her husband “aside from this very difficult situation”.

Source: Folha

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