BBB 24: Women are the majority among those eliminated with high rejection in recent years


Gustavo Luiz

Beatriz Reis, 23, was eliminated from BBB 24, with 82.61% of the votes, this Thursday (11), just a few days before the final. The São Paulo native was considered one of the favorites of this year’s season and that’s why the percentage of her wall draws attention.

With the result, the sister joins a select group of participants. According to a survey carried out by F531 people have received more than 75% of the eliminatory votes in the same hot seat since the box era began in 2020. Among them, 19 are women.

The research only considered the votes to eliminate, because from them it is possible to say that the voting part of the public took the time to elect who they no longer wanted to see on the BBB. Gender, age, race, region and group, see the characteristics of participants with the highest rejection rates.

From 2020 until Beatriz’s departure, there were 81 walls with votes to eliminate a participant. Fred Nicácio and Larissa Santos, both from BBB 23, were the only people who went through this experience twice. No participant in their edition received more than 75% of votes in a wall, the only edition analyzed that achieved this feat.

Women with more than 75% of the votes

When it comes to the high rejection rate, women were most affected. They are 19 of the 31 people who received more than 75% of the votes.


The average age of sisters with a high rejection rate is 26.7 years old. The two youngest were 20 years old when they entered the reality show and were influencers. These are Viih Tube, from BBB 21 (96.69%), and Jade Picon, from BBB 22 (84.93%).

The oldest reached the mark at 35 years old and were also box seats, such as Karol Conká, from BBB 21 (99.17%) and Yasmin Brunet, from BBB 24 (80.76%).


Of the 19 women with a high rejection rate, 12 are white and 7 are black or mixed race. Among the white girls, nine were part of the popcorn group. Laís Caldas, from BBB 22, received 91.25%, the highest percentage among all participants who entered anonymously.

Laís’s gestures were considered racist by the public. The movements took place after she criticized Natália (83.43%).

All the famous black or brown women who exceeded 75% of the votes were over 30 years old. In addition to Conká, two other representatives of BBB 22 are part of this group, Brunna Gonçalves (76.18%) and Linn da Quebrada (77.6%).


Among the 19 sisters with a high rejection rate, ten were born in the southeast, four in the northeast, three in the center-west and two in the south of the country.

The state with the most rejections is São Paulo, with four representatives. Viih Tube from São Paulo gained the highest percentage among them. Rio de Janeiro comes next, with three. Rio de Janeiro native Leidy Elin, from BBB 24, received 88.33% of the votes after throwing Davi’s bags into the pool.

Men with more than 75% of the votes

Of the 31 participants with a high rejection rate, 12 are men. Nego Di, from BBB 21, received 98.76% of the votes in his elimination and is the biggest among them.

In BBB 20, all five participants who received this level of disapproval are men: Victor Hugo (85.22%), Daniel Lenhardt (80.82%), Petrix Barbosa (80.27%), Hadson Nery (79.71 %) and Lucas Chumbo (75.54%). The rejection was no coincidence. The first edition with boxes was guided by themes such as machismo and racism.


The average age of brothers with more than 75% of the votes on the same wall is 30.3 years. Daniel Lenhart was the youngest to reach the milestone, he was 20 years old when he entered.

Rodriguinho (78.23%), from BBB 24, was 45 years old in its edition and is the oldest confined, among all, with this level of public aversion.


Among the 12 men with a high rejection rate, six are black or mixed race and six are white. Despite the balance, the four biggest male rejections are from black men. Nego Di leads the ranking and Victor Hugo occupies third place.

Projota, from BBB 21 (91.89%), in second and Marcus Vinicius, from BBB 24 (84.86%), in fourth complete the list.


Among the 12 brothers with a high rejection rate, six were born in the southeast, four in the south, one in the northeast and one in the north.

The state with the highest number of rejected people is São Paulo, with four representatives. Projota was the most despised São Paulo native. Rio Grande do Sul and Pará come next with two men each. Nego Di is the gaucho with the highest rate and Marcus is the record holder from Pará.

Source: Folha

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