Humberto Martins says he asked to leave two soap operas on Globo


Humberto Martins has been away from soap operas since “Travessia” (2022) and has been working at Globo for more than 35 years between a fixed contract and a work contract. Even though he was frequently called by the network, the actor did not hide the fact that he faced some problems behind the scenes and even asked to leave two productions. because of the mess on set and the privilege of some actors.

“I asked to leave two soap operas with so much mess, so much degradation and incompetence within the production, you know? With the schedules and privileges enjoyed by others [atores] granted. From situations I never put myself in. This started to upset me. I saw that that didn’t change”, began Humberto.

The actor, who has lived in Florida, United States, for five years, sought out the network’s top management to complain about the problems with his co-stars, but according to him, nothing helped. “I would go to the board of directors and say ‘I’m not happy, I’m not satisfied, this is too much of a mess for my taste, I don’t like working with people like that’. I’m serious, I like organization, everything in order”, he explained in an interview to the Aloha Podcast, broadcast on YouTube.

Martins also complained about the lack of preparation of actors and actresses who arrived on set without having studied the scenes. “There are a lot of people who don’t know the texts. They didn’t know and they were stiff-faced memorizing in front of me, still using me as a coach. As someone didn’t arrive ready, it took us hours to record.”

The actor also recalled how many times his routine had changed because of other actors. “They would arrive two, three hours late, or not at all. I would wait and it would ruin my whole day, I couldn’t go to the dentist, for example? It bothered me and I asked them to take it out because it was hurting me”, he said. Humberto Martins did not mention the names of the soap operas, but he left two plots before the end: “Verão 90” (2019) and “Kubanacan” (2003).

Source: Folha

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