BBB 24: Alane is the twenty-first eliminated from the reality show, with 51.11% of the votes


Alane, 25, was the twenty-first eliminated from BBB 24. The public’s decision was announced by Tadeu Schmidt, 49, this Sunday (14). The dancer from Pará received 51.11% of the votes in the last wall of the reality show against Isabelle (46.66%) and Matteus (2.23%).

The sister was in the spotlight after giving up on the first finalist’s endurance test, four days before the season finale scheduled for this Tuesday (16).

Alane faced nine walls in BBB 24 and became the season record holder in this regard. The eliminated team never won a test from the leader or the angel, this contributed to so many appearances in public scrutiny.

“I don’t like groups,” said the dancer in her presentation video. Despite the statement, the sister has always been linked to the fairy team.

At the end of January, Alane was involved in the reality show’s first big fight. The sister exchanged insults against Fernanda at the home gym. It was in this dispute that the catchphrase “cry, doll”, even used in Globo soap operas, emerged.

Before the episode, Alane was also involved in the mirror mess and even fainted in Nizam’s arms. The woman from Pará told Vanessa Lopes about the criticism her ex-affair made against her.

Source: Folha

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