Today’s concept that the girls had to complete was the Balloon dress.

The winner of the day was Casablanca for the second time in a row with 14 points which decided to take one point away from Betty.

In fact, Casablanca was moved and burst into tears after the judges’ score. All 3 judges gave her a 4. As she explained she was moved because she decided to do this look at the last minute.

The situation got out of hand when Nikolina criticized Natasha. Nikolina found the combination of the stand and the shoes worn by Natasha “tragic”. Natasha angrily replied “it’s tragic what you’re wearing, you look like you’re going to a ceremony” with Nikolina finally answering: “From the control they tell me that you’re talking nonsense”.

A little later, Natasha, while going to the judges, burst into tears saying: “this is getting on my nerves”. “Start looking and staying in your center” Evelyn Kazantzoglou advised her.

Natasha seems to have returned the criticism to Nikolina and even warned her that next time she will deduct a point, while revealing why she is hostile towards her.

Stelios Koudounaris judged that Zeta was out of concept.

The catwalk of the judges and Katerina Karavatou:

The girls’ catwalk: