‘It was very painful’, says Carolina Dieckmann about sex scenes with Marcello Novaes at age 17


Carolina Dieckmann debuted on TV at age 13 in “Sex Appeal”. At 17, she made her first soap opera with sex scenes, “Vira-Lata” (1996). Her romantic partner was Marcello Novaes, who was 34 years old at the time.

In an interview with Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso on “Surubaum”, which aired this Tuesday (16) on the Gioh channel, Carol revealed that she suffered a lot due to rumors that emerged at the time that she was having an affair with Marcello.

“The first soap opera I did that had a lot of sex scenes was ‘Vira-Lata’, I was 17 years old and I did scenes with Marcello Novaes, who was already, I don’t know, about forty”, Carol said on the podcast. “There were several rumors saying that we were having an affair. That was very painful for me”, she revealed.

“Leticia [Spiller, ex-mulher do ator] I was pregnant, I was also dating, I had a love life going on outside of there. And it was very embarrassing having to record those scenes. They were my first sex scenes on TV,” he said.

Giovanna Ewbank added that, in pre-internet times, it was more difficult to deny malicious rumors.

“I kept thinking about Letícia, it was very embarrassing for me. She had no way of knowing what was happening, no matter how much she trusts her partner. I kept thinking about what she was thinking. It was very bad for me”, said the actress.

Trauma was greater than leaked photos

Victim of a leak of intimate photos in 2012, which gave rise to the Carolina Dieckmann Law, the actress revealed that the episode brings back fewer bad memories than the 1996 soap opera.

“The story of the photos, even though it was so heavy, with the outcome it had, the creation of the law, I feel the light much more than the shadow. This story doesn’t hurt me like the story of ‘Vira Lata’ hurts me” , he vented.

Source: Folha

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