‘Face of the people’ and ‘protagonist of the edition’: How Davi paved the way for BBB champion


Gabriel Vaquer

As expected a few months ago, Davi Brito, the app driver living in Cajazeiras, a popular neighborhood in Salvador, was the winner of BBB 24 (Globo). The final gained some excitement, due to the good popularity of its competitors, Matteus Vargas, known as Alegrete, and Isabelle Nogueira, the sister-in-law of Boi Garantido, from the famous Parintins festival, in Amazonas. But the situation was very difficult for them.

Difficult for two very simple reasons. The first is that Davi won over the public in the first week, when her profile appeared for the first time on Globo. When his call aired on January 7th (one night before the premiere), he already attracted attention for being different from the standard we always see on the program.

The Bahian joined the program as one of the members of the pulled band, a new addition to this year’s edition. Some pre-selected candidates won their places in a dynamic in the house, but he and Isabelle entered by popular vote — and with a high percentage: 60.94%, in a dispute with seven male candidates.

Davi is an easy face to identify with. He is a young man with a Brazilian face, who you can find at every corner doing his job to try to survive and get on with life honestly. Furthermore, the fact that he is an app driver, a profession on the rise in Brazil due to the need for many people to get around, made the sofa audience easily buy him.

In the first few weeks, Davi quickly became the main target of the house, especially Wanessa Camargo. The Bahian was the target of the worst possible comments and suffered relentless marking from his opponents. Historically, the show’s audience likes this persecuted narrative. Another point for him.

In recent years, BBB had been having difficulty finding characters that would leave the public hooked on pay-per-view or that would make people follow every step taken inside the house on social media. More recent champions have often been questioned. Even though they were popular on Instagram, the audience didn’t seem to agree with everything they did.

The last champion to be almost unanimous was Juliette Freire, who won BBB 21. Like the Paraíba native, Davi should have a more positive post-reality than Arthur Aguiar (BBB 22) and Amanda Meirelles (BBB 23). The winners of the last two editions were unable to depolarize the fans and still struggle to produce artistic works due to the antipathy of those who supported (and support) them against.

In any case, it is impossible not to say that Davi was the protagonist of the edition. All the great stories, good and bad, revolved around him. With the exception of the fight between Alane Dias and Fernanda Bande, all other major clashes involved him.

It is true, and it cannot be ignored, that David had many problematic speeches, sometimes sexist, sometimes homophobic. Another fact is that Davi said he didn’t know famous people, like Fernanda Montenegro, and it became a joke because of that. But his defenders were there, firm and strong, and justified the driver’s mistakes.

Globo also gave Davi a little help to stay on the attraction. Part of the public called for his expulsion in the fight with MC Bin Laden (now MC Binn). The participant was also convinced to stay when he wanted to give up at the height of his popularity, including the intervention of Boninho, the reality show’s big boss.

If this had happened, Globo would have run the risk of losing one of the edition’s biggest assets. After all, one thing is certain: Davi Brito was deservedly champion. An absolute champion, the likes of which BBB hasn’t seen for some time.

Source: Folha

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