Management prioritized narrative over strategy and was the biggest enemy of entertainment on BBB 24


Victor Moreno

The well-edited VTs and live images from Salvador, Manaus and Alegrete (RS) may have even given the impression that there was something at stake in the final of BBB 24 (Globo), in the early hours of this Wednesday (17). But the truth is that the game had been decided for at least a month, without much room for surprises.

Everyone who follows the program knew that Davi would be the champion of the season — not without merit. The app driver knew how to take advantage of the opportunities in the game and had no match. He engaged a fierce public, who held his hand (and voted a lot) in the few moments of real danger for the Bahian in the game.

There was, however, a lack of temper on the part of the program’s management, which favored the narrative of persecution to the detriment of strategy. Anyone who tried to play was punished, and not by the public, which would be more fair (and quite likely, given the history of the Brazilian version), but by the program itself.

The archetype of the persecuted winner is one of the most common in the Brazilian version of the program. It is a narrative that has already been proven and approved in several previous editions, and which has raised anonymous winners since the first edition, with Kleber Bambam. Also part of this archetype are Jean Wyllys (BBB 5) and, more recently, Arthur Aguiar (BBB 22), for example.

The peak was in 2021, with the undisputed victory of Juliette Freire with an overwhelming 90.15% of the votes — for comparison purposes, Davi had 60.52% and both competed for the title with two other finalists. BBB 21, however, had a series of twists and turns that prevented the program from creating a “belly”, a term normally used in dramaturgy to define that moment when the plot doesn’t move forward, it just drags the viewer along until the outcome arrives.

BBB 24 had a “belly” because it didn’t make the most of what it had to offer: one of the best casts in recent years. Participants considered plants (who move little) in the edition that just ended could have had great prominence in previous groups. Not to mention the characters that would shine in any BBB they participated in (I mention the hyperbolic Beatriz Reis and the very interesting Fernanda Bande, to name just a few).

From the middle to the end, Davi’s favoritism was clear even inside the house, but the competitors didn’t want to let it go. They tried to come up with plans, add votes, do math to put allies on the wall. All in vain.

The dynamics (especially in the mistaken Bate e Volta test, which every week randomly saved a person from the Paredão) favored luck and made everything go back to square one, with the participants in the fourth Gnomes being decimated one after the other for weeks afterward. wire.

Furthermore, the excess of changes in the rules (which often seemed to challenge the cognitive capacity of those watching) went from being a good idea to prevent vote combinations from hijacking the game to becoming a punishment for those trying to have the minimum of strategy. When a group finally made it numerically possible to make a move, they were surprised by a vote “to save” or by a “who can you pull to compete with you” vote.

The management’s hand weighed on several occasions, such as Big Boss’s direct intervention when Davi thought about giving up. The participant stood in front of the quit button, which is inside a glass dome that can only be opened when the surrounding light is green. She was blushing the entire time and Davi was called to talk to the confessional, where he was dissuaded from the idea.

Vanessa Lopes, who pressed the button, did not have the same deference. Some may argue that the influencer was having a psychological breakdown, and that is a fact. But, in this case, the management failed to act and left the participant to decide her own fate — I like to imagine that, behind the scenes, the production team popped champagne to celebrate getting rid of the loofah.

At another point, trancista Leidy Elin was encouraged to throw Davi’s clothes into the pool, only to later be lectured by presenter Tadeu Schmidt live. The Bahian even filled a bucket of water from the pool to throw at his colleague as revenge, but was stopped by management beforehand. Leidy was the record holder for rejection in this edition, with 88.33% of the votes to leave.

When Davi and MC Bin Laden (now MC Binn) had a disagreement and almost came to blows, dummies (the program’s masked production assistants) entered the house to separate them. Physical aggression is one of the only triggers for the summary expulsion of a participant, but I don’t remember interference like that in previous editions of the reality show.

Speaking of which, another key moment was the expulsion of Wanessa Camargo. The singer drank too much at a party and, excited, entered the room making a fuss and hit Davi’s foot, who went to the confessional to report an attack. Unlike what happened in previous years (just remember the expulsions of MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato the previous year), it was not the management’s interpretation of what happened that mattered, but the victim’s feelings.

This could have been a turning point in Davi’s trajectory in the house. Many people interpreted the attack as unintentional nor strong enough to justify an expulsion, and that could have earned him the award. With the wall he faced in the same week, it was clear that his popularity remained unshaken.

At that moment, he had already crystallized the image that would lead him to victory. And this was further enhanced by the fact that Wanessa, in fact, was one of her biggest tormentors, so that the public felt vindicated in this game of bias.

However, at what cost? David’s victory, as I said, is deserved. He knew how to maximize what the game put in front of him, he didn’t shy away from clashes and maintained his emotional balance in the most adverse moments, but it would have been more fun to follow him knowing that the others had a chance. As it was, the person who deserved to be eliminated was the management of BBB 24, the biggest enemy of entertainment in this edition.

Source: Folha

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