Kartal: “I hope to have the best possible 11 at my disposal to qualify”


Optimistic about her qualification Fenerbahce at his expense Olympiakoudespite the defeat in the first match with 3-2, appeared o Ismail Kartal. The coach of the Turks emphasized that several of his players in the first game were not ready and if he risked playing them, then they might lose the whole season.

Nevertheless, he expressed the hope that the qualification for Fener will come in front of his world, while for Tzikou he emphasized that he is ready to play.

In fact, he emphasized that he hopes to have the best possible eleven in tomorrow’s game, which can also be translated as a concern for the readiness of some football players.

“We talked to the players and trained well all these days. Tomorrow we will play in front of our wonderful fans to reach the semi-finals. We are playing against a good team. Olympiacos is a composed and good team, but we are also a very good team. We want to reach the semi-finals, we will get help from the energy and loud singing of our fans to be able to qualify”he initially said about tomorrow’s match.

To complete: “We started very well at the beginning of the season. Later, due to injuries, we couldn’t play as well as we wanted. There’s no way it can go on like this. We have a very important match tomorrow, I hope we can pick up where we left off. Despite our shortcomings, we did not abandon our game plan and good football. We go out to win the race no matter the conditions. Even though we had difficulties, despite the shortcomings, we survived and got a good result, even though my players were not ready for the Olympiakos match. They didn’t have games and people didn’t know that if I put them there was a risk of losing them until the end of the season.”

In case the match goes to penalties: “We practiced on penalties during the week, we will do so tonight. I hope we don’t get there.”

On the criticism he receives: “I will continue to do my job. How this team plays football, how many points we collected, everything is obvious. However, if they criticize us, there is nothing to say. Of course, criticism exists in football, but we can’t do our job if we focus on every criticism. We do our work without being affected by this.”

About the situation of Tsikoku: “It is in a very good condition. Last practice is tonight. He could play tomorrow. Djikou is a player of very high quality and personality. He broke the metatarsal bone in his foot in a match, but that’s how he finished the match, without knowing it.”

On the injury issues plaguing Fenerbahce since the start of the season: “We will select the best of the healthy players we have. Many of my players have been injured since the start of the season. We played players I hadn’t had for weeks and months. I was missing several players in the previous match, we played several matches with many absences. I hope tomorrow we start the match with the ideal 11”.

Source: Sport Fm

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