‘I want to be remembered as an old friend’, says Lima Duarte in the first episode of ‘Tributo’


At 94 years old and more than 70 years old in the profession, Lima Duarte is the interviewee in the first episode of “Tributo”, which will air this Friday (19) on Globo.

The actor, who has worked on Brazilian television since the first day of its inauguration, spoke about his relationship with the small screen and with viewers.

“I’m a guy who worked a lot, from the first day on television, and to this day he’s still out there making faces, in communion with the people. I want to be remembered as an old friend who comes every night to tell, live and listen to stories” , said the veteran.

He also quoted the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa: “The things I got wrong in life / I know I will have them in death / Because life is divided / Between who I am and luck / The things that luck gave me, I took them with me / But the things that are me, I kept them all with me.”

In the episode, Lima Duarte welcomes the team to her farm in Indaiatuba (SP), tells “stories” from the past and talks about her family. The episode is dedicated to the actor’s daughter, Júlia, who died prematurely at the age of 46.

The series also has testimonials from friends and colleagues talking about the actor, such as his neighbor, Sérgio Guizé. The duo acted together in ‘Caminho das Indias’ (2009) and ‘O Outro Lado do Paraíso’ (2017). Lima fondly remembers the recordings of the latter, which took place in Jalapão (TO).

“We were walking in that heat, in that immense dust, always dimmed by the understanding smiles and jokes we told day and night. It is very pleasant for me, an old actor, to hear what young people think of me. It could be very good, terrible or surprising , but it will always be useful and deeply human”, said the actor.

The actor also said that he loved participating in “Tributo” and thanked him for the invitation. “I did it with a lot of love, even because, at that moment in my life, all I had left was my passion for fine things. As Carlos Drummond de Andrade said: “The fine things, those will remain.”

“Tributo” is an original Globoboplay series written by Isadora Wilkinson and Lalo Homrich, artistic direction by Antonia Prado, direction by Matheus Malafaia and genre direction by Mariano Boni.

Still in the first season, Laura Cardoso, Manoel Carlos and Zezé Motta will be honored. The episodes dedicated to Fernanda Montenegro, José Bonifácio de Oliveira Sobrinho, Boni, and Ary Fontoura will air on open TV on other dates.

The interview with Lima Duarte will air this Friday (19) after Globo Repórter.

Source: Folha

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