BBB 24: Davi talks about not meeting famous people on the program: ‘I always had to work’


Winner of BBB 24, Davi participated in interviews and answered the doubts of the viewers who elected him as champion last Tuesday (16). A non-standard participant, the Bahian had never watched BBB before the last edition and also didn’t know his colleagues from Camarote.

“I didn’t used to follow the program. I only watched last year’s, ‘BBB 23’, which Amanda won”, he confirmed. The brother explained his inspiration in the previous champion: “She signed up for the program with the aim of paying off medical school, because she had financed 100% of the course. And as I dream of being a doctor, I said: ‘A hope is the last thing to die, so I’m going to sign up'”. “I managed to leave there with my goal. That was the incentive,” he said.

Viewers found it strange that Davi didn’t know participants in the Camarote or famous people who visited the house. The former app driver explained: “My relationship with the internet was very little, because in my childhood and adolescence, until last year, I wasn’t one to mess around. I always had to work and fight, I never had time to communicate, joke or play”.

Outside the house, Davi says he intends to change the previous reality: “From childhood until now, before joining Big Brother, it was a lot of work. But I’m going to learn more about these issues.”

Source: Folha

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