BBB 24: ‘I missed having female friends in the house’, says Isabelle about her time on the reality show


Isabelle, 31, won third place in BBB 24 in the early hours of this Wednesday (17). The Amazonian dancer received 14.98% of the votes during the final of the reality show and was behind champion Davi (60.52%) and runner-up Matteus (24.50%).

The two finalists had the deepest Manauara connections within the house. Davi was like a brother to Isabelle and Matteus, her romantic interest. “I’m going there so Alegrete can see the sofa where his grandmother [Matteus] I recorded the angel’s videos”, said the dancer in an interview.

Despite these relationships, the sister-in-law “missed having female friends in the house”, he said. Ráculo and Giovanna, both from the pull, were the first candidates to meet Isabelle’s emotional need.

“But we ended up moving away. I saw that I wasn’t a priority”, observed the ex-sister. The duo was very close to Michel and, at a certain point in the reality show, they formed a group with Rodriguinho, Pitel and Fernanda.

For her, the alliances between the two colleagues and the other brothers got in the way of getting closer. “Yes, we could have been friends and left the game a little aside. I was sad about the way things happened, I felt very alone.”

Beatriz and Alane also rehearsed a relationship with Isabelle at the end of the game. The Amazon native, at first, avoided being seen as an ally of the pair of friends, but the polarization of the BBB did not allow it.

“People were putting so much pressure on me that, when I joined the fairy group, I ended up rushing into some speeches. For example, setting up a podium. I wasn’t prepared, at that moment, to form a podium and I ended up rushing into a conversation in the room. This desperation of having to form an opinion quickly to please people, for me, was one of my mistakes”, he stated.

The podium mentioned by Isabelle was formed by Davi, in second place, and Bia, in third. With Isabelle’s apparent regret, it is difficult to know who occupied the São Paulo native’s position in the dancer’s strategy to advance in the game.

Source: Folha

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