BBB 24: Matteus misleads about conversation with Deniziane: ‘What we experienced is resolved’


Matteus, 27, from Rio Grande do Sul, is the current runner-up of BBB 24. The participant won the title, in the early hours of Wednesday (17), after being seen by the public as a kind and polite man.

Fame brought cash prizes and two horses, given by soap opera director Jayme Monjardim, to the fit brother with fair skin, straight hair and a thick beard.

“I can’t believe everything that’s happening in my life. There are so many followers on Instagram”, said the agricultural engineering student during an interview. For the future, he plans to pursue modeling and acting careers.

“I always imagined myself on television. Who knows? The future belongs to God”, said Matteus. But, before competing for a place in a soap opera, the gaucho will need to sort out his love life.

In the last six days of BBB, the university student kissed Isabelle and left the possibility of dating open. “I assume the thing is getting sorted out (laughs)”, she said.

For now, Matteus lives in the south of the country and Isabelle in the north. “A long-distance relationship is complicated. Who doesn’t like being close to a denguinho, hugging, cuddling, spending time together? Even more so at the beginning,” she said.

Despite the reservation, the gaucho admitted that they both invited each other to visit each other’s homelands.

Asked about the brief romance with Deniziane within the reality show, Matteus said he felt guilty after his sister’s elimination. The brother sometimes stated that he would look for her after the BBB.

“I believe that what we experienced has been resolved. But my intention, inside the house, was not to go out, talk and be together. My intention was to talk and make things very clear, because I had that feeling of having harmed her”, he said in an interview.

Anny broke up with Matteus during the reality show. However, when she was interviewed by Ana Maria Braga, she stated that she would like to date him and had even met the gaucho’s mother.

“I can see that she is upset, I heard rumors. But we had stopped being together, she made that choice while still inside”, said the runner-up.

Source: Folha

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