Absolute crushing awaited the Blues in the third immunity showdown. The red team after two consecutive defeats managed to recover and take the victory with a discouraging for the opponents 12-3.

The Blues started the match already burdened without James and Stavroula, who preferred to stay out to protect herself.

A little later, Fanis also left the match with a problem, while at the same time Asimina, who lately has been struggling to find her pace, scored a point.

The final 12-3 was “locked” by the already nominated Christoforos, at the same time sending the Blues to be voted for the first time after the Union of the teams.

The Blue team’s performance troubled players like Stamatis, who said the team needs to see what’s wrong and fix the situation soon. At the same time, however, his teammates expressed the opinion that this is an isolated incident and should not be given a bigger report.

From the ballot box emerged to the surprise of most, a name that one would not expect to see racing. That of James Kafetzis. The player after the update he had about his father’s adventure, has entered into thoughts about whether he wants to stay or leave the game. In order not to lead his team to vote for someone else while he thinks about what to do, he asked his teammates to vote for him.