BBB 24: Isabelle and Matteus say they still haven’t managed to be alone


Still shy and unaware of their romantic future, the couple Isabelle and Matteus made it clear to Ana Maria Braga on Mais Você that chemistry exists. Asked about a possible serious relationship outside of BBB 24, even though they live far from each other, the two avoided announcing an outcome, but left it in the air that something along those lines could happen.

“We’re going to get back to reality now, calm down and talk. We’re not even alone yet. Who knows? It’s clear that we have chemistry and something different,” said Matteus.

Isabelle started by saying that they both had “a very cool friendship”, but soon Ana Maria wanted her to delve deeper into the revelations about love. The presenter showed images of the kisses they shared on BBB, and this made the model loosen up.

“I’ve already invited him to immerse himself in the Amazon”, he joked. Isabelle was also asked why she waited so long to let herself be handed over to her boyfriend. “How can I resist this wonderful man, this prince,” she said.

“I thought about the inconsistency, as he was my target vote. And the issue of him having lived a story with Deniziane also weighed in. But then he explained it to me and it happened”, added the Amazonian.

Source: Folha

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