BBB 24: Finalists are left out of the second party with former participants after the end of the reality show


The former inmates of BBB 24 are enjoying their freedom after the end of the reality show. Yasmin Brunet brought together some participants and allies from the house in a “secret party” that took place in the early hours of this Thursday (18).

The model had already said that she would organize a “secret barbecue” with the members of the fourth Gnomos, in a nightclub in Barra da Tijuca, south of Rio de Janeiro. Hours before, the entire cast gathered for a conversation led by Ana Clara, in which they reflected on their movements in the game.

The finalists, however, did not attend. Davi, the champion, Isabelle and Matteus were not seen at the scene, as were Beatriz and Alane. Through social media, the influencer shared photos and videos of the meeting, complete with drinks, music and even tattoos. The singer Pocah was also present.

This is the second time that the winners have not joined the rest of the cast after the end of the edition. In the early hours of Tuesday (16) to Wednesday (17), some of them enjoyed a party in the same Rio neighborhood.

This Thursday morning (18), the dancer and the gaucho participated in Ana Maria Braga’s program. They avoided talking about their romance outside the house, but said they still haven’t had time to be alone.

“We’re going to get back to reality now, calm down and talk. We’re not even alone yet. Who knows? It’s clear that we have chemistry and something different,” said Matteus.

Source: Folha

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