Wagner Moura celebrates the release of ‘Guerra Civil’ with a samba circle


Wagner Moura, 47, is in Brazil to promote the film “Civil War”, by director Alex Garland. After attending the premiere of the production in Rio, on Thursday night (17), the film’s protagonist gathered some famous friends to celebrate with a samba circle.

On social media, the actor appears playing the tambourine and samba inside the living room of a house. At the meeting, there were still friends of Moura such as Selton Mello, Humberto Carrão and Marcelo Freixo. Other celebrities, including Camila Pitanga, Vanessa da Mata, Mosquito and Antônio Pitanga, also appear at the celebration in several videos from the party.

On his Instagram profile, politician Marcelo Freixo even posted a record of the meeting. “That night there was still time to watch the release of the film “Civil War”. Spectacular performance by my brother Wagner Moura. Afterwards, a good samba and lots of prose to satisfy the nostalgia”, wrote Freixo. Wagner, who lives in Los Angeles, United States, appeared in a video dancing samba to the sound of “Todo Menino é um Rei”, by Roberto Ribeiro.

The box office leader in the United States on its opening weekend, “Civil War”, starring Kirsten Dunst and Wagner Moura, the film cost US$50 million, around R$263 million, from production company A24, founded in 2012. Brazilian plays a journalist —he has a degree in the field, by the way— who follows a violent conflict that divides the United States.

“Reading the script created a disturbance in my mind”, said the actor in the film’s publicity campaign, which captures the political tensions and polarization that are taking over the country, more accentuated in this year of presidential elections in the United States, marked for November.

Source: Folha

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