BBB 24: Davi charges followers for subscriptions to exclusive content and receives criticism


BBB 24 champion and Brazil’s newest millionaire, app driver Davi Brito published on Instagram that he now intends to charge a subscription so that his followers can have exclusive content.

According to the publication, for a price of R$2.90 per month, fans would have behind-the-scenes access to everything Davi does, broadcast channels, early releases, exclusive merchandise and a subscriber badge.

But the initiative does not seem to have pleased the public who criticized the ex-BBB’s stance.

“Not even if you paid me R$1 million,” complained a follower. “The guy won R$3 million and wants to take money from others?” asked another. “While the prize money doesn’t hit the account, it will guarantee some money”, published another follower. “”He was always self-interested”, replied one internet user.

There were also those who asked Davi to get consultancy to improve the management of his career. “Davi has just reached 10.4 million on Instagram, but unfortunately his profile is abandoned, with unnecessary content subscriptions, no crisis management and no statements to combat fake news”, published a fan.

Source: Folha

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