After the impressive trips abroad, the happy travelers in SKAI return to Greece and on Saturday April 20 they visit a favorite destination, Lesbos.

Eutychis and Elektra, after years, return to the third largest island of Greece to explore its western side, the “far west” of Lesvos with its eerie and impressive volcanic landscapes.

They get off the boat at the port of Mytilene and drive west, to an area completely different from the eastern part of the island.


They make a stop for sardines in Kalloni, and continue to Skala Eresou, where they will stay during their journey. They tour the surrounding area and see the impressive dam and the beautiful Pithari Monastery.


In Eresos, they learn about the history of the ancient city 2,500 years ago and go hiking on peaks with fantastic views, while also taking a dip in the cool waters of the Aegean.

The trip to Western Lesvos could not miss a visit to Sigri, the westernmost settlement of the island. On the way they stop at Ypsilos Monastery and the world-famous petrified forest of Lesvos, while in Sigri they see the Museum of Natural History of the Lesvos Petrified Forest and perhaps the most impressive and modern olive grove and oil mill in Greece.


Welcoming people, excellent food, incredible landscapes, crystal clear waters and rich history enchant our travelers and make them feel… like they are on another planet.


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