Viih Tube admits to having made ‘tempting’ content when she already knew she was pregnant: ‘I only posted it when I already had a happy ending’


Anahi Martinho

As is customary among pregnant women, Viih Tube waited until 12 weeks to publicly reveal the pregnancy. During this time, however, the influencer published videos showing her routine as a “tryer”, as women who are trying to get pregnant are called.

In a post from April 6, when she was already pregnant, Viih Tube films herself taking several home tests, encountering negative results and suffering from the frustration and anxiety typical of those trying to get pregnant. “Wow, not a single scratch,” she says, looking at the camera. The video had more than 28 million views.

Viih Tube’s time as a tryer was brief, as she tested positive in February, just three months after she started trying. The phase is delicate for some women, who spend years in this process.

Given the revelation of the pregnancy, made last Monday (29), on Mais Você (Globo), some followers were disappointed to realize that the video of the negative tests was posted when she was already pregnant.

Criticized, she apologized on Instagram and admitted that she only posted the content when she had already achieved the “happy ending” because she was ashamed and afraid of not achieving it. “I was afraid to post at the time, I was embarrassed that it would only be negative, but when I got pregnant, I felt calmer about telling how I felt the times I tried”, she explained.

“I wasn’t even trying, because I understood that three months of trying, after having given birth just a year ago, was really quick,” he said. “I apologize if in any way this hurt anyone trying to find something positive.”

“I can do this, because it generates expectations precisely in this target audience because they see that she has achieved it”, wrote an internet user on . “I’m shocked by the drama saying that you tried for three months, I would be very sad if I had been trying for years”, said another.

“Engagement with such a sensitive subject for some women,” wrote a Viih Tube follower in the comments of the video. “Around here, seven years of trying. There is no such thing as too little or too much time, there is anxiety that increases. But don’t invalidate your pain from the negative,” said another.

Source: Folha

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