BBB 22: Laís celebrates that plan not to go to Paredão worked out: ‘I did everything’


Laís took stock of his game this Wednesday morning (23). After managing to escape the wall, which ended up eliminating Brunna Gonçalves from BBB 22 (Globo), the doctor talked to her friends in the lollipop room and celebrated her strategy to escape the hot seat.

“I had a 75% chance of going to Paredão last week, so I had my mind ready to go. From the moment I was ready and I did everything not to go. It worked. the things I did not to go worked out,” she told Vyni and Eliezer.

On the internet, some viewers pointed out that the sister is using her romance with Gustavo, who returned from Paredão with Brunna and PA with 22% of the votes, to escape elimination.

“Yes, kissing Gustavo for a strategy that really made her get rid of the wall”, wrote an internet user in response to a Twitter profile that shared a video with Laís’ speech. “It worked kissing and dissembling,” pointed out another person.

“I can’t wait for Gustavo to go out to hear this phrase from the ‘beloved'”, countered the viewer. “Imagine when he finds out that the whole of Brazil saw him play a fool? I even feel sorry for him”, commented another.

The doctor engaged the romance with a former participant of Casa de Vidro right at the first party after he officially entered the dispute for R$ 1.5 million. Gustavo told Laís that he wanted her even before he knew he would be called by the production – which happened with the program already on the air.

Even during this morning, Laís changed Gustavo’s name to Rodrigo’s twice. The situation had already happened the other day. The sister and the second eliminated from BBB 22 were very close and almost got together as a couple, however, he was resistant and said he was in love with a person outside the program.

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