Because Ellen Mirren decided she wanted to be American


Ellen Mirren referred to her dual identity as American and British.

The actress told People that the application for US citizenship became more apparent as time went on.

“My husband Taylor Hackford is American. My adopted children are obviously Americans. “My nephew lived in America, he worked in America,” he explained. “Well, I’m definitely an American resident for a long time.”

Ellen Mirren’s decision to apply when she realized she could retain her British citizenship.

“When I realized that I could be a British citizen and an American citizen – because I did not want to give up my British citizenship – then I thought, ‘Well, that’s great. “This is the perfect world.”

The moment she fully realized that she really felt American was during the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

“I saw the second tower collapse,” the actress stressed. “I had an apprenticeship. “I realized where my faith, my heart and my mind were in this confrontation between extremism, religiosity – all these things and all that America represents.”

When she finally completed the application process, the 76-year-old felt proud, as she described.

“I did not realize how deep an emotion it would be,” Mirren said. “It simply came to my notice then. “I think it had to do with America’s inherent generosity.”

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