Survivor-Athena Evmorfiadi: I had cancer twice-The first time I was 25 years old


She spoke twice about her serious health problem and the battle she fought with cancer. Athena Eumorphiadis on Alpha and the show “Happy day” that left a few days ago Survivor.

The attack that had been said by him Valanti to Eurydice Papadopoulouwas the occasion for Athena Evmorfiadi to bond with her teammate who had the same health problem: “I got out of my clothes when this whole scene with Valantis took place, because I am a person who has experienced it twice in my life. When you discuss it the day before in the fire, Valantis, me and Eurydice have gone through it and the next day you go out and say such extreme things about this girl, it is tragic. One reason I bonded with Eurydice is this problem. I had never discussed it in my life. I am a very tough person, I have never cried in my life and I went and cried in this game “.

In fact, she said that her state of health had reached a very critical point: “I was 25 to 26. I went through it twice, I had surgery twice. I would either lose my life or never have a child again. So you understand that all this rang my bells “said the kick-boxing athlete.

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