Virgínia, Whindersson Nunes and celebrities campaign for the homeless during the floods in Rio Grande do Sul


Luisa Monte

The state of Rio Grande do Sul has been facing heavy rains since last weekend, leaving people dead, injured and homeless. Celebrities use their power of influence to mobilize followers to help the state’s residents.

Whindersson Nunes used social media to share a video showing scenes of the floods in the state, narrated with music sung by himself. He managed to raise more than R$1 million to help the victims and offered to provide helicopters.

Luísa Sonza, a native of Rio Grande do Sul, also shared images of destruction and asked for help from her followers. “Guys, the situation in my state, Rio Grande do Sul, is very sad and complicated. They are experiencing the biggest catastrophe in history and they need us. All help is welcome,” she wrote. The singer also published a message from her father, who was going out to buy donations.

Virginia Fonseca stated that she intends to revert all profits from WePink, her cosmetics brand, to flood victims. She also shared links to fundraising campaigns and prayed for the homeless. “Asking God for mercy to help these families who are going through difficulties, I’ve already gone to some cities,” she said.

Eliezer also used his “daddy of the moment” power to help. He has shared the address of the solidarity campaign organized by the Vakinha Institute.

Another gaucho, born in Alegrete, Matteus Amaral, second place on BBB 24, has made several publications asking for help for residents of his state. The champions Amanda Meirelles, Juliette and Gleici Damasceno also shared vakinhas.

Source: Folha

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