THE Anya Taylor-Joy impressed in a new photo shoot for the magazine “Variety”, where she enchanted with her style and personality. The 28-year-old actress, who tied the knot in an idyllic ceremony in 2022, returned in a white dress for the shoot, in which she opened up about her husband, Malcolm McRae;

The Miami-born actress also addressed her new film in the interview “Furiosa”for which she is doing mini-tours-appearances around the world to promote it.

Anya and Malcolmwho fronts American rock band More, tied the knot in 2022 before throwing a party in Venice with 150 guests, including Cara Delevingne and Julia Garner, last October.

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Speaking about their small wedding ceremony before the big day, she said: “It was magic… We were together not too long. Malcolm FaceTimed his family from church. We got engaged while I was filming The Menu. We kept it a secret from our friends until a newspaper broke it.”

Anya Taylor-Joy

Before its release “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga”the actress revealed that Australian director George Miller, who has helmed several other films in the Mad Max franchise, told her not to open her mouth too much.

“We did shots where he was like, ‘Do it again with your mouth closed.’ He has an issue with my mouth. She thinks that when my mouth is open, I look very young. I think the limitations that George put on me made the character shine in the film because he’s constantly repressed throughout the film.”

Anya Taylor-Joy

And he added: “When I saw the film, within the first three minutes I started crying and then I couldn’t speak. I found it very traumatic to watch her.”