‘Enjoying single life isn’t my thing, I like exclusivity’, says MC Daniel


At 26 years old, MC Daniel considers himself old enough to “enjoy the single life”. The singer, who has dated Mel Maia and Yasmin Brunet, is a homebody and a one-woman man.

“Single life isn’t my thing. I don’t like being a guy with lots of women and I don’t like a woman who likes being with lots of guys. I like exclusivity and I like being exclusive,” he said, in an interview with GShow this Friday (17).

The singer, who is in the final stretch of Dança dos Famosos, listed the qualities he looks for in a partner: “I want a woman who values ​​herself, who takes care of herself, who has dreams, respects people”, he said.

“It also has to be a person who has the same principles as me. Who is light, motivates me, fulfills me, understands my work, is mature, educated, not superficial, and who disappears, who grows with me, loves my family, my friends. If it’s to come, it’s God’s will. Without searching, hunting, I’m very focused on my career, on myself and on evolving.

Daniel, who on social media keeps saying that his dream is to be a father and start a family, also claims to be a faithful man. He swears that he has never cheated on any girlfriend and that he really likes to spend his free time with the person he loves, at home, watching TV and hanging out with his family and close friends. Despite playing shows and working at night, the funk singer doesn’t need invitations to the clubs.

Source: Folha

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