THE war brings new data to life of the Pantheons and the heroes try to adapt to them. Battles break out and those at the front throw themselves into them with self-sacrifice while those who remain in Athens worry about the fate of their own people while helping in any way they can.

Kitsos he arrives at his unit and learns that he has been ordered to take up a position in the rear, but he demands from him Department of Flora not to receive preferential treatment and to count him for the front line.

The Pantheons

A few kilometers further, the Stephanos and Thomas they get their baptism of fire when they manage to repel the Italian forces and the Greek army recaptures some of its villages Northern Epirus.

At the same time, in Athens everyone is trying to adapt to the new conditions of the war. THE Andrew he tries to find out news about all of them Pantheus who are at the Front, while the Marble she feels trapped in her anxiety about him Kitsch.

The Pantheons

War not only does not daunt him Vallidis and the Staybut on the contrary, son-in-law and father-in-law find the opportunity and by changing ERRIKA’s production they start to earn money by the sack.

The Pantheons

THE Fanis agony for her Pella and he starts looking for her, but no one knows to tell him where she is.

The Pantheons

THE Isidore anguish for his son Thomasbut at the same time he tries to find a clue with the evidence he has in his hands, the cross and the card from the hotel with the name “Leonidas Sirganis”, believing that they have something to do with her disappearance Mirellas.


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