Fátima Bernardes agrees to dance with Antonio Banderas in the final of Dança dos Famosos


Fátima Bernardes never agreed to be a participant in Dança dos Famosos, but the presenter will show her dancing skills in the final of the 2024 edition of Domingão com Huck (Globo). This Sunday (19), she accepted Luciano Huck’s invitation to perform on July 7th.

And it’s not just any dance. Huck asked her to dance a tango with Antonio Banderas. Fátima just asked if the rhythm could be a bolero, which she considers a little easier. The presenter said that she would speak to the Spanish actor to check the possibility of change.

Although he joked that he would now have to get Banderas to participate in the program, everything indicates that the Hollywood star’s arrival is already certain.

Huck said that the invitation to Fátima was in return for making him dance on the panel in the final of the 2022 edition. That year, the presenter made the suggestion when she was a judge on the panel, and Angélica’s husband rehearsed with their daughter Eva on stage to put the plan into practice.

This Sunday (19), Fátima returned to her position as a member of the jury. She formed the artistic jury alongside singer Pabllo Vittar. The technical jury is fixed and made up of Ana Botafogo, Carlinhos de Jesus and Zebrinha.

Source: Folha

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