Jennifer Lopez is uncomfortable when asked about marriage to Ben Affleck


“Is your divorce from Ben Affleck real?” was the question that changed the atmosphere at the press conference for the film “Atlas”, in which Jennifer Lopez is the protagonist. The actress gives a half smile after the reporter’s question and is helped by her co-star Simu Liu, who interrupts the boy.

“Okay, we’re not going to do that. Thank you very much. We really appreciate it. Don’t bring that energy [para cá]please,” he said. The actress, who wore her wedding ring at the time, told the reporter: “you know more than that.” The event took place last Wednesday (22), in Mexico.

Liu still tries to get around the situation and thanks the actress for her work as a producer. “It’s the reason I’m here. Jennifer cares about things like representation and diversity. She’s the boss.”


Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have been the talk of the American press in recent days after rumors that they are facing a crisis in their marriage and a possible separation. They got married in 2022.

News says that they no longer live together and, last week, the singer was seen looking for real estate in Los Angeles, months after buying a mansion. Affleck continues to live in New York for the filming of the film “The Accountant 2”.

Source: Folha

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