‘Reborn’: My biggest roles were after I turned 40, says Ana Cecília Costa, Morena


Leonardo Volpato

“What I want is to be a lady acting on the screen, on the stage, in art. I understand myself as a worker.” This is how actress Ana Cecília Costa, 53, defines her current career moment. The artist celebrates the fact that she is one of the few mature female characters in “Renascer” (along with Inácia, by Edvana Carvalho, and Dona Patroa, by Camila Morgado).

The enthusiasm comes along with the harsh realization that it is still difficult to play good roles as you age. “Within this market, it is clear that they become scarcer for the more mature, but my greatest characters were after the age of 40. Now, at 53, I am doing my first soap opera of the nine beginning, middle and end. I am in time of harvest, perhaps late, but a mature actress with job offers”, assesses the Bahian, born in Jequié (BA).

As the charismatic ex-‘quenga’ Morena, in “Renascer”, the artist finally plays a light, high-spirited character, after performances with a high dramatic charge. It was like this, for example, with Gaia, from “Joia Rara” (2013), a Lithuanian communist who was passing through the concentration camp. And with Missade, in “Orphans of the Earth” (2019), she lost a son and fled the war.

“I feel like Morena is the most solar character, who I make almost no effort to create. I invented a special laugh for her and was inspired by Regina Dourado’s (1953-2012) version of ‘Renascer’ in 1993. I went to her brother I introduced myself, we had a chat. I said I wanted to honor her memory.”

This year, Ana Cecília celebrates 35 years of career. Despite saying that the current moment is not the best, but the one with the greatest recognition, the actress states that the time has come to legitimize the entire path already traveled so far.

She has lived and acted in Germany, graduated in cinema, got a master’s degree in communication and semiotics, worked as an assistant director outside the country, produces her own theater plays and made a series in Argentina. “I want the ball to keep rolling. I have the enthusiasm of a 14-year-old girl. That’s what’s beautiful about maturity, respect for one’s own history”, she defines.

Even though she does so much, the actress says she never had a fixed contract with any broadcaster she visited. This has never been a problem for her, but her hope is that life will improve even more after such a special role.

“I learned to be a simple person and to manage my money wisely. I understood from a young age how to maintain the standard of living that I like. The money I earned one day might not be the same the next. I never had consumer impulses. Now, in ‘Reborn’, and with this spotlight, obviously I want, desire and hope that this recognition will enable a comfortable career from now on.”

Source: Folha

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