Jesse Eisenberg files for Polish citizenship: ‘I have a deep connection’


Jesse Eisenberg is in the process of also becoming a Polish citizen. The American actor from “Toby’s New Life” is awaiting the results of the application, which began nine months ago.

“My family is from the southeast, from Krasnysta, and my wife’s family [Anna Strout] is from Łódź. We want to have a greater connection with Poland, I want to work more here. The last film I made [A Real Pain] it was here and I would love to do it again,” he said in an interview with Polish newspaper Głos Wielkopolski.

The artist said that, as a child, he heard stories about the relationship between Poles and his Jewish family and that the stories were wonderful.

“A Real Pain” tells the story of two American cousins ​​who go to Poland to see where their family comes from and was filmed in cities such as Lublin, Warsaw, Krasnystaw, Kraśniki and Radom. The actor also stated that he intends to improve the relationship between Jews and Poles and that the connection with the country makes him feel connected to something historically bigger than himself.

“While filming here, I met people who had connections with the government, so I told them that I would really like to create a better relationship between Jews and Poles,” he said. “My family has lived here for many generations and centuries. It makes me feel connected. Everyone in America is new, except the people who got there first, the Native Americans.”

Source: Folha

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