Police investigate alleged account of Ana Hickmann’s ex that generated R$947 million


Gabriel Vaquer

The DEIC (State Department of Criminal Investigations) opened a new investigation to investigate financial movements of an alleged account in a bank in England attributed to Alexandre Correa, ex-husband of presenter Ana Hickmann, and Claudia Helena dos Santos, former personal assistant of former model, who received deposits of almost R$947 million.

The two are accused of forging signatures to obtain loans and embezzling part of Hickmann’s assets during the period in which she was Correa’s partner in his company. The new investigation was opened after documents submitted by the Record entertainer’s defense.

To the F5, the DEIC confirmed the new investigation. “The case is investigated by police inquiry at the 3rd Police Station for Investigating Financial and Economic Fraud of the DEIC. The content of the documents presented is analyzed and the police authority awaits the arrival of other expert reports already requested to conclude the case”, it says the note.

Alexandre Correa says he is unaware of the account, and claims to be the victim of a lynching in a public square by Ana Hickmann. “If I had all this money in the account, would I be going through all this suffering, putting up with all this outrage? R$500 million? Oh, please, right?”, he stated.

Among the situations being investigated is an alleged account at Barclays Bank, based in London, England, which is in the names of Correa and Helena. The first deposit would have been R$500 million.

Another four supposed transactions occurred over two years, also with large amounts and only with receipts, without withdrawals. On March 11, 2022, US$12 million dollars (R$61.8 million at the current exchange rate) were received; R$200 million, received on January 16, 2021; 15 million reais entered on May 10, 2022; and the last was US$33 million (R$170.1 million) on August 31, 2022.

In total, the movement would have generated R$946.9 million in total, according to DEIC. What caught the attention of Ana Hickmann’s defense was that some of the names that deposited in this account are facing legal action for carrying out scams in other states in Brazil.

Wanted by F5, Ana Hickmann’s defense chose not to comment. Alexandre Correa denied any accounts abroad, and says he will defend himself against the investigation. The businessman says he found out about the new investigation when contacted, and lost patience when talking about the situation.

“Only the autophagic and mythomaniac Ana Hickmann can come from. There is no other source. Only this crazy woman who wants me to be decimated in the public square. With everything they have accused me of so far, I remain in the same place, with an active social network, with a passport at my disposal. Last year, I offered my bank secrecy to open. There’s no limit to patience. How stupid, limited people are. Her IQ is below 80, she’s mentally retarded. Sorry, I lost my patience. Only that mentally retarded Ana Hickmann can present something like that to me. . It’s been 195 days living this massacre. I’m fed up, brother!”, said Alexandre.

Claudia Helena dos Santos’ defense did not respond to contacts until the last update of the report.

Source: Folha

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