‘We dream of being parents in the near future,’ says Sasha Meneghel


An authorial brand was what Sasha Meneghel was missing. Fashion designer, graduated from the renowned The New School Parsons, a fashion college in New York, United States, the only daughter of presenter Xuxa opens her first Mondepars store, in São Paulo, and says that the new collection has many references coming from within her House.

“I’ve always looked a lot at the history of fashion to understand how I can update my references. My mother always really liked shoulder pads, for example, and we brought them into the collection. In addition to her, I’m also inspired by icons like Grace Jones and Princess Diana,” he said.

Sasha stated that he sees no competition among Brazilian designers. On the contrary: “I have a sensational relationship with Airon Martin, from Misci, a brother to me. He has been a companion, helping me with suppliers and raw material prices. When I was still a teenager, Lenny Niemeyer opened its doors from her studio and it was also very important, mainly because she is a reference woman for national fashion”, she said.

She also analyzed the three years of marriage with João Lucas in an interview with Glamor magazine. “We are in a phase of many changes. He gives me a lot of strength, he lives in the office with me, he brings a commercial perspective, he helps with the parade trail. Soon, he will also enter a release phase, because he has just finished an album” , said Sasha, who doesn’t mind the expectation or external pressure for pregnancy.

I don’t feel pressured even when my mother talks, because I’ve already read some articles about it. We take it a lot as a joke and we know our mothers’ desire to be grandparents, it’s normal and I think it’s cute,” she joked. Sasha stated that she wants to be a mother.” We have the dream of being parents in the near future, but there is a time for everything and we want to respect this phase of life.”

Source: Folha

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