Marcello Antony denies changing careers: ‘I’m going to be an actor until I die’

Marcello Antony denies changing careers: ‘I’m going to be an actor until I die’

Marcello Antony, 59, spoke again about his new job, as a luxury real estate agent in Portugal. The actor, who was the heartthrob of several Globo soap operas in the 2000s, said he continues to be an actor. “The news is that I abandoned my career, that I threw it in the trash. No. I’m going to be an actor until I die, until I’m very old”, he emphasized

Antony moved to Cascais in 2018 and said he only recently decided to work in the real estate sector. He did some soap operas on Portuguese TV and says he intends to continue acting. “I only added to one thing that I saw a very good opportunity, since I live in Portugal and I knew brokers who work in a powerful agency all over the world. But in the news that came out on the subject, the subtext is: today he is on the corner , asking for money, alms”.

He further explained that he had already been doing this work as a broker, but without monetization, when friends asked to find properties in Portugal and that the opportunity arose through another broker. Carolina, the actor’s wife, also works at the same company.

“I met a broker who formally invited me to be part of the team to monetize, use my image and make some extra money too. Why not?”, he said in an interview on Leda Nagle’s YouTube channel. “I accepted and I didn’t imagine it would have such an impact.”

Source: Folha

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