Marcello Antony’s children clean and work in a restaurant in Lisbon

Marcello Antony’s children clean and work in a restaurant in Lisbon

In Portugal for six years, where he settled with his family, Marcello Antony combines his career as an actor with that of a luxury real estate agent. He moved there when he received an offer to shoot a film for 10 months in the country, and he didn’t go alone.

Those who accompanied the actor during the move were his wife, Carolina, the couple’s son, Lorenzo, 12, his two stepsons, Lucas, 23 and Louis, 19, as well as his eldest son, Francisco, 21, from his union with actress Monica Torres. He, who is also the father of Stephanie, 24, says that the boys are also already in the job market in Portugal. “I never forced them to work,” he says.

And he continues: “In Portugal, a penny is worth it, money is worth it, with one euro you can buy things here. Francisco works as a kitchen assistant for a large restaurant chain in Lisbon, earning 850 euros, which is the minimum wage here. I help he pays the rent, he pays the bills and has money left to live”, said the actor in an interview with Leda Nagle.

“Lucas, my stepson who I call my son, cleans Americans’ houses, Louis walks foreigners’ dogs. These are things they wouldn’t do in Brazil, Francisco would never be a kitchen assistant in Brazil,” he said.

“The mentality in Europe is different, that’s really cool, it creates a shell in them. Francisco is sure that he won’t be a kitchen assistant forever. He told me that he will work on it for a year and a half, two to save money and train as a chef.”

His stepchildren want to move to the Netherlands and plan to work delivering food by bicycle. “They face life as it is, it’s a mentality I didn’t have at that age.”

Source: Folha

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