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Sakis Rouvas is looking for the idols of another era in the long-awaited documentary series Idols from this Friday, November 12, on SKAI.

Faces – idols that shaped their own universe. Unconventional personalities who set their own limits and exceeded them. Everything we would like to know about our idols.

Five personalities who stigmatized Greece with their professional course, their personal life, their ideas and even with their death. Aliki Vougiouklaki, Malvina Karali, Nikos Kourkoulos, Dimitris Mitropanos, Vlassis Bonatsos. Rare photographic and audiovisual material, testimonies from relatives, friends and associates, in six episodes that illuminate unknown aspects of the lives of the most talked about personalities.

IDOLS premieres on Friday, November 12, with a tribute to Aliki Vougiouklaki that will be completed in two episodes.

Part One – Friday, November 12 – Aliki Vougiouklaki: “The projector was born for me”

He was born on July 20 – “He left” on July 23. Her whole life is a movie – from her first steps to the end of her life. Her innate brilliance followed her from her first steps and never left her. The films are still shown on TV and moving while the press has never stopped dealing with her.
Most of us met her through theater and cinema. Some others lived with her, they were next to her, they remember her at the Christmas and New Year parties that she organized at her house and all the cosmopolitan Athens passed by. Others saw her cooking and making fun of herself. Everyone knew her and everyone was talking about her. She used to say: “Everyone talks about me as if I were big. “As if I was never small.”

The symbol of innocence, childhood, youth, optimism, lived in her childhood a deprived and melancholy life. The death of her father marked the character of little Alice. She lacked paternal affection. Her mother, Emmy Vougiouklaki, became a widow at a young age, with only her eldest daughter and her two youngest sons, Antonis and Takis, as companions. From her teenage years, she showed her leadership talent. Gradually he took the reins of the house. She took on the role of guardian for both her mother and her siblings. Growing up in a small house in Maroussi, he learned to live with the whole neighborhood. When people shared everything: joys and sorrows, celebrations and disasters. Like a big family.

Her friends and associates talk about the other Alice, about the little man, about the man who read fairy tales to her son to sleep, about the hostess who fed her guests in the mouth, about the self-sarcasm and love she wanted to give.

THE Takis Zacharatos she remembers her beautiful eyes and Melina Mercouri described her as the lonely creature who was also a business woman.
Theater, the acting profession was a function for Aliki and it turned out to be a way of life. “I did not want to be an idol. “Everything happened suddenly,” he said.

THE Stamatis Fasoulis describes her as an excellent actress who played according to the audience she had under the stage. “He gave the public what he wanted. Its main elements are humor and self-sarcasm “.

THE Alekos Alexandrakis he talked about how hard he worked. “Day and night he was thinking about what he had to do.”

THE George Lianis describes her life as a “theatrical tarantula”. “The loss of her father determined her and she became an idol seeking the elixir of eternal youth. It was the cornerstone for building the empire of Finos “.

Her son, Giannis Papamichael, confesses how overprotective she was: “She never hurt me. Whatever I did, I felt it was not enough. The curse was that I also had to reach high “.

Grigoris Valtinos: “It simply came to our notice then. “When I first saw her in front of me, unpainted, just dressed, she was like a baby.”

Dimitris Papazoglou: “I owe everything to Alice.”

George Chatzinassios: “She wanted the love of the world. And he won it. “

Melina Merkouri: “Her greatest qualification, her smile.”

Idol, idol, legend and myth. Cinderella with golden hair. Aliki Vougiouklaki surpassed not only the woman and the actress but also the title of national star. The audience of all ages saw in her face and sees the innocence, the smile. He laughed and cried with her.

Sakis Rouvas is looking for the idols of another era. IDOLS. From this Friday at 21:00 on SKAI.


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