Britney Spears Guardianship May End This Friday



A Los Angeles judge must decide this Friday (12) whether to end the parental guardianship, who controlled for 13 years the life of pop star Britney Spears, 39.

It is not clear whether the singer will appear in person, or remotely, at the court. In October, the father was removed from guardianship, classified as “abusive”, and was replaced by a temporary guardian.

In the same session, Judge Brenda Penny also accepted a request from Britney’s lawyer to schedule another hearing soon, with the aim of formalizing the “incontestable termination” of the guardianship.

“This week is going to be very interesting for me! It’s what I’ve prayed for the most in my life,” the singer wrote this week on her Instagram account. Later the text was deleted.

At the October hearing, both parties came out in favor of the end of the guardianship. Confirming this turnaround, lawyers for Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, called for her immediate termination.

While he continues to deny that he took advantage of his tutoring to control his daughter’s life and career, Jamie Spears recently said the artist “believes she can manage her own life.”

Judge Penny approved setting another date to allow Britney’s attorney Mathew Rosengart to present a detailed plan for dissolving the guardianship. And another hearing was scheduled for December to resolve outstanding financial issues, including legal costs.

Through her lawyers, the singer said her father “never lived up to” being her guardian, citing in a petition details such as his “known alcoholism” and “the trauma he inflicted on his daughter since childhood.”

In September, Britney said she wanted her guardianship to end as soon as possible so she could marry her fiance Sam Asghari in a prenuptial agreement.

The star has two children with her first ex-husband, rapper Kevin Federline. She also had a fleeting wedding in Las Vegas to childhood friend Jason Alexander, which was canceled just 55 hours later.

In court, she said that her father prevented her from removing her contraceptive device despite her desire to become pregnant. Jamie Spears denies this charge.

When the father ceased to be guardian, he was replaced by accountant John Zabel to deal with financial matters, on a temporary basis, until the end of custody. Professional tutor Jodie Montgomery has been assigned to take care of Britney’s personal affairs through December 31, although her role could end this Friday.


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