The beautiful lake Plastira framed with autumn colors (vid)


Very close to the city of Karditsa, you can find the wonderful artificial lake Plastira, which was formed in 1959 after the completion of the dam located on its south side.

Its original name was Lake Tavropou or Megdova, from the river that once crossed the plateau, but was renamed Plastira because of the man who came up with the idea for its construction.

The great military and politician Nikolaos Plastiras was the one who years earlier, on a trip to his birthplace, in Morfovouni, Karditsa, envisioned the construction of a dam, which would ensure the closure of the Tavropos river, resulting in the irrigation of Thessaly in the summer. suffered from water scarcity, but also the water supply of the entire surrounding area.

Many years passed, however, until the works for the construction of the dam began. So in 1955, with financing from money that Italy owed to Greece from mainly war reparations, a French company undertakes the construction, which took 4 whole years until it was completed.

The impressive concrete dam, with a total length of 220m. and height 83m. as well as the lake created on the plateau of Nevropolis, changed forever the geological map of the area, giving a magical landscape to the visitor. In the waters of the lake, the so-called Fairy Airport was lost forever, created during the occupation by the British, where the first allied plane landed in occupied Greece.

But the wonderful view reflected in its green waters makes you forget at once any of its history and live only your “present”, among a beautiful landscape of firs, beeches and chestnuts, with a unique tranquility that is generously offered to you . Around it, the scattered picturesque villages offer a panoramic view of it, which, like the center of the universe, stirs your eye at any time of the year and when you visit it. Wonderful people, calm, relaxation, comfortable accommodation, good food, and plenty of charm will make you think that maybe even for a unique time, human intervention had the best possible result it could have.

And Plastiras may have died two years before the works for the construction of this wonderful dam began, but the wolf with his heart, which was removed by his personal doctor and for 27 whole years was placed in the formula in a box of the national bank, returned to her place, Karditsa, and “gazes” from afar this wonderful work, which she may not have managed to meet, but on a daily basis now “flutters” and “breathes” near him …

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