Markle: Reveals members of the royal family “fighting” Harry over her father |


Megan, the Duchess of Sussex, has revealed that the British royal family has “constantly reprimanded” Prince Harry’s husband over the behavior of her father, with whom she had become estranged, according to text messages released by a London court today.

Earlier this year, a Supreme Court justice ruled that Mail on Sunday violated Megan’s privacy and copyright by publishing excerpts from a letter she wrote to Thomas Markle’s father in August 2019, three months after her marriage to Harry. the grandson of Queen Elizabeth.

The five-page letter to Thomas Markle followed the rupture in their relationship, in view of her marriage, which he did not attend due to health problems and after he admitted that he had posed in paparazzi. Their relationship then deteriorated after he gave interviews to the media.

This week, the British newspaper appealed against the reversal of the decision, claiming that the Duchess wrote the letter knowing that it would be published.

In a text message released by the court today, Megan told Jason Nauf, then-head of communications, that the “catalyst” for writing the letter to her father was seeing “how much pain this was causing X.” (Harry) and that Prince Charles’s father and other members of the royal family did not understand their position.

“Even after a week with his father and endlessly explaining the situation, his family seems to be forgetting the context and coming back to ‘can’t she go see him and stop this?'” The message reads.

They do not understand the essence, so at least by writing X he will be able to tell his family… “he wrote him a letter and he continues”. By taking this kind of action, I am protecting my husband from this constant reprimand and, although unlikely, I may give my father a moment to stop for a while. “

Earlier this week, Mail’s lawyers argued that a Nauf testimony showed that the Duchess knew that her father might have leaked the letter and as a result was “meticulous” in her choice of words.

She denies the allegations, saying she did not believe he would leak the letter, as she did not present it in a positive way.

Yesterday, the three judges of the Court of Appeal said that they would “need time” before issuing their decision. If Mail wins the appeal, the case will go to court.


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