In Netflix’s new series Pieces of Her, a daughter is confronted with her mother’s dark past


Netflix’s new series, Pieces of Her, has come to make us wonder how one moment can change everything you knew about a person. In 8 episodes, the balance between a mother and her daughter is constantly changing, as they both try to get closer to the truth.

Toni Collette stars in Pieces of Her

She plays Laura Oliver, a mother who lives in a quiet seaside town. There things seem to go smoothly and she lives a quiet life. One day, while eating with her daughter at a local restaurant, a man invades the store in order to start shooting the restaurant customers en masse.

Within fractions of a second, Laura runs to protect her daughter, but also manages to disarm and immobilize the perpetrator violently. Andy is speechless by the way her mother handles the situation and demands explanations for her behavior, which Laura is unable to give.

Then Andy begins an exploration of her mother’s past and everything she ignores about the man she thinks she knows best. Some videos of young Laura playing the piano at grand events and much more obscure information make up the profile of a woman who has nothing to do with Laura today. And the more Andy searches and asks her mother, the more she walks away because she wants to protect her.

Andy no longer sees Laura as a mother, but as a person with his own history and past

Or at least that’s what he’s forced to do. The structure and components of Pieces of Her are not particularly innovative. We have seen the story before and the revelations may not seem so fascinating to you. However, Toni Collette’s talent once again is what can entice her in this quest for truth.

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