Marcelo Falcão is under decreed house arrest and replies: ‘I’m an honest guy’


Musician Marcelo Falcão, 48, former vocalist of the group O Rappa, was under house arrest decreed by the Rio de Janeiro Court for not paying child support for his daughter Agatha Silveira, 22. According to the decision, he will have to serve his sentence at home , for 60 days, and use electronic anklets during this period.

“The negligence of the debtor in relation to the fulfillment of his obligation to pay the full amount of alimony to his daughter, who is now older, is demonstrated. Numerous opportunities were granted without the debtor voluntarily fulfilling his obligation”, said judge André Cortes Lopes, of the 18th Court family’s.

Falcão alleges in the process that he cannot pay the amount, which today would be above R$ 80 thousand, claiming bankruptcy, citing the end of O Rappa and the pandemic as reasons for his supposed professional decline. The judge points out, however, that he “has been performing at lives and events” and is scheduled to tour abroad.

Information about the musician’s arrest was initially disclosed by columnist Fábia Oliveira, from Em Off, and confirmed to F5 by the Court of Justice of Rio. In the decision, the judge states that home confinement is an alternative in the pandemic, “in order to contain the spread of Covid-19 among the prison population.

The paternity of the young woman was confirmed by a DNA test in 2016. “I was told that I was a father in a technical report and not in a maternity hospital,” he said at the time. After the arrest decree, Falcão stated that he never failed to fulfill “nothing before the courts” and that his daughter would be wanting to destroy his career.

“It’s full of gossip and mimimi with my name and I’ve never failed to do anything before the court. Now, I find out when I’m 20 years old, raised by someone else, with someone else’s name. Then, because I’m the band’s vocalist there, he appears with two feet on his chest trying to destroy my career,” he said on Instagram.

“I’m a good guy, I’m an honest guy. I’m here because I have respect for my fans. All the love in the world to you fans who always believed in me. I’ll never be wrong, because I don’t accept being wrong. But everything will be cleared up.”


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