Self – care is not just about spa and essential oils


You put your personal interest above all else and promote your own well-being at the expense of that of others. You are selfish and you already look. We respect your natural tendency for self-preservation, but do not put any rules of ethics in the equation. To be able to balance somehow, somewhere between your own good but also with your neighbor and your neighbor.

Interest and disadvantage. Keep these in relation to selfishness, before we go for a walk in one more sense. That of self-care. Of that magic word of our century. You say it is fresh, up-to-date, you say it is fashionable. What you certainly do not say is synonymous with selfishness.

After all, no one said to take care of yourself, but to do it to the detriment of others. Suppose that equally no one spoke of interest. We listen to self-care and – to be good marketing – we bring to mind images with yoga, spa, large luxury baths, essential oils and salts and masks with clay and caviar.

Do you take care of yourself in the end, or did you calculate them incorrectly?
And all this is nice, alas. Only self-care is much more. You see, you can always assume that you are taking care of yourself in general and that you are taking care of meeting your basic physical needs. So are you okay here? Do you take care of yourself as if you were miscalculating? Self-care does not only mean interest and attention to your physical health, but also concerns your emotional health.

Yes, basic self-care includes the consumption of nutritious foods – consciously even if it is possible -, adequate rest, physical exercise for well-being, but it also concerns ensuring a sense of security. Physical, but also emotional. Your body should be in a place that exudes peace and stability, but your mind should be in a corresponding place.

To feel safe to express your thoughts and feelings, without being afraid of any negative consequences. An expressionless emotion only acts as a mobile bomb for both your mental and physical health. Aren’t these two interrelated? Feeling comfortable and familiar with expressing what you feel is the best gift you can give to your overall health.

To say that you are really trying to take care of yourself, you must be able to perceive when you are tired or exhausted, at any level. Body and mind always give indications, it remains to have your antennas open to locate them in time. The rhythms, the anxieties, the difficulties, the sorrows, the challenges, are and will be here. Along with the others, the good, all together will coexist. But what you can do is listen to yourself and quickly realize when the physical or emotional break should not and can not be extended.

Your own personal limitations
The point is that none of us is the same. And so none of us have the same limitations to count on in our quest for a beneficial and beneficial self-care effort. Suppose, for example, that you are introverted. By nature you are sensitive, you feel a certain fear when you hear the word socialization and you easily get tired when you try to integrate into a new environment. This can drain every drop of your emotional energy when you are trying to meet new people or engage in conversations with many people.

So you have to look at the job differently here. When you find out that you are entering such a situation, it is good to have a mental yellow phosphorescent post-it stuck somewhere, to remind you that you have the right to abstain. And, respectively, the right to engage in smaller discussions. Or in longer discussions, but for a shorter period of time.

If you are not so interested in a conversation, you can always listen without speaking, or not listen at all. And if you decide to contribute to a discussion, do so by depositing what you feel and what concerns you. Leave there the little stone of your thoughts, not forgetting that each of your own thoughts has equal value as that of others.

Sorry, but I just got hungry
But you have to think about all this in advance. To mentally prepare yourself for all these steps before you find yourself in a situation that sits you uncomfortably and that immediately makes you stuck or even frozen. You may have some easily accessible emergency exits like forgive me, I have to go to the bathroom, or I will have to refill my glass with water, or as if I am hungry, I will retire for a while. Do not see all of these as lies or as cheap excuses, it is a form of self-care. You listen to body and mind and you are led to whichever step seems best for you. And do you see? You do not hurt anyone with any of these, so you can not consider it at all selfish.

Now, as in a discussion, so in an emotional event. We often confuse things and find ourselves at a point where we feel we have no choice but to engage emotionally in a situation or not. Even if you have serious reasons not to be able to avoid participating in this situation altogether, you definitely always have the choice of the percentage at which you will do it. Say it and the emotional level of involvement.

To consciously participate in what comes before you, feeling the redemption offered by the possibility of choice. Remember no, this little word. That as much as she misses boy, she hides so much more power. That you can use it at any time, without even forcing anyone to explain why. Your behavior does not always have to be justified to everyone. After all, no is the greatest proof that you have identified and respected your own personal boundaries. And once you know them, you take care of them. And since you take care of these, you definitely take care of yourself.

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