Gerard Butler, from ‘300’, reveals he’s had sex with men, but he’s not gay


Actor in the movie “300” (2006), actor Gerard Butler, 52, revealed in an interview with Movieline, echoed by other sites such as Men’s Health, that he has had sex with both men and women. According to him, however, there is no label to which he fits.

“I talk about my sexuality without shame, I have no problem, but there are always people who distort everything. People seem to be intimidated by this issue and I don’t understand. Every time I talk about it, it’s misunderstood and exaggerated,” he said.

He later said that he does not consider himself gay. “‘Is Gerard Butler gay?’ I’ve slept with women and also with men, but I’m not homosexual. I don’t even know what I am”, amended the actor.

Among his works, highlights include “PS: Eu Te Amo” (2007), “Verdade Nua e Crua” (2009), “Invasion of the White House” (2013) and “Fúria em Alto Mar” (2018).

In 2021, the actor filed a lawsuit against Nu Image and Millennium Films, producers of the action feature “Invasion of the White House” (2013). The actor asks for US$ 10 million (corresponding to R$ 50 million) alleging that the companies undervalued the profits made with the film.

According to the lawsuit, Butler hired an auditor who found that the film’s revenues were cut by $17.5 million. The producers’ earnings were undervalued by US$ 12 million (equivalent to R$ 60 million), including the US$ 8 million (R$ 40 million) that went to executives.

The suit also alleges that the producers deducted the full cost of foreign advertising from international revenues, even though those same distributors paid half the cost, according to Variety. The suit also argues that Nu Image and Millennium instructed distributors to deduct certain expenses so that receipts were underreported.

The feature that grossed $ 170 million (corresponding to R $ 851 million) worldwide, spawned two successful sequels: “Invasion of London” (2016) and “Invasion of the Secret Service” (2019), in which Butler returned. representing Agent Mike Banning.

“The producers made tens of millions of dollars from ‘Break on the White House’ but refuse to pay Butler a penny of the revenues and profits promised to him in the parties’ settlement,” the lawsuit states. “Butler refuses to condone the defendants’ false statements and other wrongful conduct. He worked with them to create a wildly successful film franchise. He demands part of it.”

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