BBB 22: Linn Says Watching PA Take A Shower ‘Benefits Anyone’s Mood’


After the party this Saturday (12), Jessi thought again about the BBB 22 game as a result of a conversation she had with Douglas Silva, and started crying while talking to her friend, Linn da Quebrada.

After comforting the teacher, Linn then jokingly suggested they drop the conversation. “Oh my God. Let’s watch the PA [Paulo André] taking a shower, let’s go. It improves everyone’s mood,” said the singer.

On social networks, netizens joked – and supported – the speech. “It’s not wrong,” said one netizen. Earlier, Linn had flirted (again jokingly) with her brother, saying, “Why do you lick your lips when you talk to me?”

Linn was even one of the participants of the reality show that most enjoyed the party this Saturday, especially because of the musical attractions. The singer was moved when the artist Liniker appeared on stage, after being called by Luísa Sonza, who was performing. Linn then ran to get closer to her friend and colleague, cried and hugged the brothers.

Later, after the show, she danced hugging Paulo André to the song “Pássaro de Fogo”, by Paula Fernandes. Despite not having explicit disagreements, the two have already voted for each other for Paredão.

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